Hi, Im Derek Frohlich

Im a in home personal trainer

based in Belleville Ontario. I’ve had the  pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients across Canada. These include CEO’s, artisans and athletes. I love my job and im passionate about helping people improve the way they look, move and feel. I am always proud and grateful to be a part of my clients journeys.  

Try Hard - Train Smart

People today are struggling to make progress giving way to methods that deliver short term results, they end up quitting, getting injured or getting stuck in a cycle of starting over again and again. This unsustainable & unbalanced way of training is very common in current fitness fads and is completely avoidable. 

Ill share the secret with you, we need variety in our training to function at our best and be healthy. By taking a well-rounded approach to fitness & combining resistance training, mobility and cardio we will efficiently get you looking good, moving well and feeling great. It’s effective, sustainable & it translates into a better quality of life.